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Shell Antipatterns

I've been learning stuff about bash rapidly in the last several years, including better and faster ways of accomplishing common tasks. Here are some of my favorites.

Random n lines of a file


ls | shuf | head -n1


ls | shuf -n1

I learned this week that the venerable shuf …

Blog Migration!

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Lessons from Pycon 2017

My summary of talks I watched at Pycon 2017

Quick Script: Tape Inventory

I wrote an ad-hoc python script that helped me inventory a cassette tape collection

Apartment Hunting with Python & jq

Scraping Craigslist for apartment listings so I don't have to do it manually

Compiling Herbstluftwm on Debian MIPSel

This'll be a short post about how I've gotten my favorite window manager, herbstluftwm to work properly on a 32-bit little-endian mips board under Debian GNU/Linux. The specific board I'm targeting is a Creator CI20, which I'm trying to use as a workstation at the moment.

There's a package …

Installing "Real" Linux on an ARM Chromebook

How to install Archlinux ARM on a Samsung ARM Chromebook

Impressions of Washington DC

Notes when traveling to Washington DC

Blog Intro

Introduction to this incarnation of my blog

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